Team effort makes World Mission Month a success


Catholic Mission Director, Cathy Ransom believes this year’s World Mission Month was a great sign of the Archdiocese’s passionate commitment to the work of mission around the world.

Speaking after the World Mission Month of October and in her capacity for Catholic Mission, Mrs Ransom praised parishioners of the Archdiocese for what she believes was a “team effort”.  “In the midst of so many priorities, the faith community of Canberra and Goulburn, really got behind the Pope’s World Mission Appeal this year,” she said.

Both parishes and schools took time to hear about the missionary work that Catholic Mission is supporting in Cambodia; to pray and to raise much needed funds for the people of this country who are rebuilding after a time of war and destruction.

Schools began their fund raising activities in September, which culminated in the annual Schools Mission Mass, held at St Christopher’s Cathedral on October 26.

Mrs Ransom praised the efforts of a number of schools who travelled long distances to take part in the Mass.

“It was very encouraging to have almost every school in the Canberra region, and many from our country regions, represented at the mass.  It’s hoped that next year, we will have regional masses so that more of our schools can attend a Mission Mass,”  she said.

Vicar General Fr Tony Percy and Catholic Mission Chaplain Fr John Armstrong concelebrated at the schools World Mission Mass.

In his homily, Fr Percy spoke about the humility and generosity of Pope Francis, linking it in with the Year of Mercy.

He also talked about the importance of stable families and lamented in some instances where technology has become a distraction at the dinner table, often to the detriment of proper relationships.

“This is a very important time in history for the Church to understand its mission again,” he said.

Fr Percy also highlighted the need for each person “to receive the mercy and forgiveness of Christ Crucified and Risen”.

“Basically the idea is once we experience receiving the mercy and forgiveness of Christ then we can give it to others.

“Remember, the greatest thing we can do as Christians is forgive,” he said.

Fr Percy recalled a line from theologian and doctor of the Church St Thomas Aquinas who wrote that the reconciliation of one person is much greater than the entire creation of the whole world.

“The bringing back of a person to God is the supreme act of God in history,” Fr Percy said.

“And mercy is this great ability that God has of taking something that’s evil and transforming it into something that’s good.”

At the end of Mass, the Vicar General paid tribute to Sacred Heart Primary School Pearce, Marist College, St Edmund’s College and St Clare’s College for providing the music at the Mass.

He gave the congregation a brief prelude into the life of the great German composer and abbess St Hildegard of Bingen OSB (1098-1179) to offer all musicians some encouragement.

“Hildegard used to have this saying where she said that music was necessary for salvation,” he said.

“So whatever you can do to enhance the quality of music in our churches, I encourage you as best you can so I want to thankyou once again for way you led us in prayer, it was very beautiful.”

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