Time to take risks

Guinness and God provided a thought-provoking evening discussion on the purpose of Catholic education.

This special event took the form of an introductory presentation followed by a panel discussion and questions from the 110 participants who braved a cold Canberra night.

Associate Prof Patrick McArdle, Campus Dean of ACU Canberra, suggested Catholic education sat somewhat in the middle of the pack. It no longer caters for the really poor or marginalised, nor does it attract those with considerable financial resources or high aspirations.

He advocated that it was time to take risks, just as God has taken risks with the whole of creation; that Catholic education needed to be creative, and ensure it entered into relationships and sought God in all it did.

The night then moved to some of the most experienced minds in the Archdiocese. The panel included Prof McArdle, Moira Nadjecki, Director of Catholic Education, Mgr John Woods, Vicar for Education, Loretta Wholley, Principal of Merici College, and Paul Compton, Catholic School Parents, Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

To hear more of Prof McArdle’s presentation and the panel discussion go to guinnessandgod.com