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Enough is Enough

Australia is a free and fair country. But for how long? Calvary Hospital began operating in 1979, invited by the Commonwealth Government (1971). It has operated for 44 years and has 76 […]


Archbishop Prowse: Calvary Hospital

Dear Friends in Christ, By now, you would have heard the shocking news that the ACT Government intends to compulsorily acquire our wonderful Calvary Public Hospital, Bruce. This is despite […]


Archbishop Prowse ‘stunned and shocked’ by ACT Government’s takeover of Calvary Hospital Bruce

After serving Canberra and the region with distinction for over 44 years, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce has been blindsided by the ACT Government, who announced today that they had begun […]


Euthanasia in the ACT: Love does not kill love

Dear Friends, As you are aware, the ACT Government is preparing legislation regarding the introduction of Euthanasia / Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in our community. We need to revisit why […]


Save Calvary Hospital Petition

Save Calvary Hospital Petition
We are extremely concerned at the announcement that the ACT Government intends to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital.
The actions by the ACT government are an abuse of property rights and religious freedom.

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Archdiocesan Governance

The Archbishop formed the Governance Committee to address implementation of Light from the Southern Cross in the Archdiocese. During 2021, the Committee agreed on a document to better inform Canberra-Goulburn Catholics about the Archdiocese’s role. The document asked and answered questions such as: Who we are; What we do and why; and How we are governed in the Archdiocese and parishes

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2022 - 2023 The Year of Walking Together

This Report and these submissions will form the basis of the Archdiocesan Synthesis which Archbishop Prowse will present to the Bishops’ Conference after 1 May 2022.

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The vision and work of the Archdiocese starts and ends with the person of Jesus Christ. We invite you to encounter God's love through Jesus.


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From the central west and far south coast of NSW to the suburbs of Canberra, our work and community involvement is broad and far-reaching. We invite you to discover what we offer.