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Offer helping hand at Christmas

As we gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, parishes will be conducting the annual Archbishop’s Christmas Appeal at Christmas Masses. Times of celebration make hardship all the starker. To […]


Christmas Message, 2021 from Archbishop Prowse: Bethlehem Amazement

Bethlehem Amazement Sometimes we are offered the following Christmas greeting: “Have an amazing Christmas!” No doubt this greeting can mean all sorts of things. For Christians, the most amazing aspect […]


Chris Uhlmann on Australia’s identity crisis

Chris Uhlmann, Political Editor at Nine News, has called on Australians to reclaim the nation’s Christian heritage in the face of the “clear and present danger” of China. Speaking at […]


A devastating blow for St Thomas Aquinas Church community

Parish priest Fr Tom Thornton surveys the damage. Parishioners of St Thomas Aquinas church Charnwood are devastated after the church was ransacked between 1.15pm and 5pm on Tuesday. Vandals pushed […]


The Gift of our Children

Professional Standards and Safeguarding
The Archdiocese has developed a series of support documents to assist each Parish and faith community in implementing the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Policy.


Walking Together - Advent 2021

Walking Together Advent Program 2021
New, local, free, Advent program available for download from Sunday 21st November.
Register your interest below for early release notification at


Pastoral Letter: Human beings need humanity not Euthanasia

In the midst of our Covid 19 woes, we are looking for anything that breathes hope and new life into our fearful world.

Yet, in the midst of this long winter, comes an unwanted visitor that can only fuel hopelessness: possible legislation on euthanasia. This is a real possibility in both the ACT and NSW.


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