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Assembly over: where to from here?

A plenary council is a relatively unusual event, so it is not surprising that for many there is considerable curiosity about what happens now. Surely, after a week long ‘conference’ […]


Plenary Reflections #5: Sally FitzGerald

I was one of seven Aboriginal members and one of three Councillors from NATSICC. The Opening Mass in Perth was a particularly powerful expression of the place of First Nations […]


A champion of Christian values

Seminarians Joe Tran (left) and John Baptist Tran with Audrey Donnithorne at her home in Griffith in 1981.(Photo supplied by Fr Joe Tran) Audrey Donnithorne (1922–2020)   Audrey Donnithorne is […]


Plenary Reflections #4: Brigid Cooney

After a week of online sessions and live-streamed Masses, Archbishop Costelloe, the Council’s president, adjourned the Council’s first assembly and summoned its 278 members to gather again in July 2022 […]


The Gift of our Children

New Website: Professional Standards and Safeguarding
The Archdiocese has developed a series of support documents to assist each Parish and faith community in implementing the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Policy.


Pastoral Letter: Human beings need humanity not Euthanasia

In the midst of our Covid 19 woes, we are looking for anything that breathes hope and new life into our fearful world.

Yet, in the midst of this long winter, comes an unwanted visitor that can only fuel hopelessness: possible legislation on euthanasia. This is a real possibility in both the ACT and NSW.


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