Join the Prayer Team for Our Catechists

Would you like to join the prayer team we have for the Catechists in our Archdiocese?

Catechists are called to nurture a living, conscious and active faith in those they teach. They witness to the Catholic faith by sharing their commitment to it through word, experience, prayer and liturgy. These include priests, pastoral associates, sacramental formation program volunteers, special religious educators (SRE), children’s liturgy volunteers, religious education teachers, RCIA volunteers and those who coordinate these ministries at parish and archdiocesan levels.

We invite you to join the team of those across the Archdiocese who pray a Rosary or Chaplet of the Divine Mercy each week for the intentions and growth of the ministry of the catechists, as well as the faith of their students. You can also pray these as guided prayers in the Hallow app (included in the free version).

If you would like to join, please sign up through clicking here.

A Prayer for Our Catechists

Loving Father, we pray today for our catechists. We thank you for their gift of ministry in your Church.

Grant them your wisdom that they may grow in the understanding and teaching of your Word. Grant them also your love that they may be fruitful heralds of your Word and lead others to love you.

Pour forth your Holy Spirit upon them to grant them the wisdom to know what to teach; knowledge of the truths of faith; understanding of their meaning; right judgement about how to apply them in life; courage to persevere even in the face of adversity; reverence before all that is sacred and holy; and that loving zeal which leads others to a transforming encounter with your Son.

We pray this through Christ, our Lord.