Annual Procedure for Returning Catechists

Every year each SRE Catechist in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn must be formally re-authorised for ministry, and this involves six key steps:

Returning SRE Catechist Procedure

The first step in the re-registration process is for the SRE Catechist wishing to continue in SRE for the next calendar year to meet with their Parish Priest and/or Parish Catechist Coordinator.
This meeting will involve getting to know the SRE Catechist's experiences over the year prior, and to confirm that they wish to continue in this ministry in the following year. It can be held over the phone.
As an Archdiocesan volunteer, it is your responsibility to renew any government clearances before they expire. These checks are free to obtain and renew for volunteers.
Working with Children's Check Click here for more information & to renewWorking with Vulnerable People Registration Click here for more information and to renew
You'll be notified 3 months before its expiry date, and you can renew your Check from this time. Ensure you renew it before it expires – it's illegal to be involved in child-related work without a WWCC. WWVP renewal reminder letters are emailed to registration holders approximately 12 weeks before a registration expires.  You must submit your renewal application before the expiry date of your registration to ensure your registration remains valid until a final decision is made about your renewal application.
Once the check has been renewed you need to send this information to the Institute for Professional Standard & Safeguarding and the SRE Catechist Coordinator We then re-verify your WWCC number and the new expiry date, on the Office of the Children's Guardian website.Once the registration has been renewed you need to send a scanned copy of the front and back of your WWVP card to the Institute for Professional Standard & Safeguarding and the SRE Catechist Coordinator
Every three years you will need to re-read and re-acknowledge the Archdiocesan Child Protection Code of Conduct.
This code informs and reminds all employees and volunteers of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn of the standards of behaviour as well as other requirements that must be adhered to when working with children.
It must be thoroughly read and the acknowledgement signed and given/sent to the parish office and SRE Coordinator at
Click here to access this document and the acknowledgement (PDF)
Every year, you will need to complete an online re-registration form for the Archdiocese.
Please click here to complete this form online.
Upon receiving your re-registration, the Archdiocese will check if you have completed the mandatory training that is required for a SRE Catechist to be formally authorised for ministry.
 The training aligns with key areas identified in overarching government policies and procedures, namely:
  1. The safeguarding of children and young people;
  2. Classroom behaviour management;
  3. and how to use the approved curriculum within SRE. 
If you have not completed training in any of these three areas in the last three years, you will be required to complete the training online before re-commencement of your SRE ministry.
Once it is verified that you have successfully completed the mandatory training, your parish will be informed by the SRE Coordinator who will email you, information you that you are once again able to engage as an SRE Catechist in your assigned school/s under the guidance and direction of the parish leadership. It is also an expectation that all SRE Catechists will adhere to any applicable directives issued by the Department of Education in NSW and/or the ACT.
The Archdiocese is required to provide each school with details of the SRE catechists who are assigned to them, and this will include information such as their full names, their date of birth, and contact details of the local SRE Catechist Coordinator. Other relevant information such as authorisation procedures, approved curriculum outlines, training programs and complaints procedures are also made available to schools as part of this process.
All catechists engaged in SRE across the Archdiocese will be required to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development in their ministry.
The Archdiocese will provide a schedule of training and formation opportunities and experiences to build your skills and confidence throughout each year.
Please contact the SRE Coordinator at if you have any questions.
Parishes and the SRE Catechists themselves need to inform the Archdiocese there are any SRE Catechists discontinuing in their roles. Both the SRE Coordinator and IPSS will request that parishes confirm this information at regular periods throughout the year.
This ensures that we are adhering to the highest standards in ministry, and that compliance with Government requirements is maintained.
To resign from active ministry as a SRE Catechist, please email the SRE Coordinator at