1. April 21

    New seminarian: Foliga Etuale

    I AM 26 and come from a family of eight, which includes my parents, four sisters, a brother and myself. I was born and raised a Catholic in Samoa. When […]

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  2. April 21

    Jeffrey Dutton: My experience of Fatima

    I think my pilgrimage was enhanced by having delved a little into the phenomenon of the Fatima apparitions before I left Australia. I could imagine the place as it once was, simply an earthen field with trees and shrubs, the three children inwardly called to a particular tree, a crowd following them in anticipation, all witnessing the rustling leaves which signalled the approach of Our Lady of the Rosary.

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  3. April 21

    New seminarian: Lourdhu Raju Upputholla

    Originally from India, Lourdhu Raju Upputholla is a new seminarian for the Archdiocese. He is the middle child of three to parents Prakash Rao and Santhamma who are involved in […]

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  4. April 10

    Euthanasia: Experts warn against following overseas experience

    BY DEBRA VERMEER THE practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide overseas has been a disaster, with so-called safeguards failing and doctor-assisted killing on the rise, and not just for the […]

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  5. April 10

    How green is your church… and what are the savings?

    John Giacon is a Christian Brother who has been involved in promoting green action in his house and at ANU where he is an honorary lecturer, teaching Gamilaraay language. Here […]

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