Local Stories

  1. May 8

    Lisa seeks strength amid the lows

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN LONELY is how Lisa* best describes her current situation in Canberra ahead of Mother’s Day this year. “I am sure this is the same for single mothers […]

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  2. May 8

    Parish precinct gets burst of new life

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN SOUTH WODEN parishioners are delighted with their recently completed renovation and extension works next door to its Sacred Heart Church in Pearce. After 12 months of scenes […]

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  3. May 8

    Rally for refugees

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN REFUGEE advocate Tim McKenna says he was honoured to join about 3500 people at the annual Palm Sunday ACT Refugee Rally. “The numbers were greater than last […]

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  4. May 8

    Parish’s hope for healing

    BY JOHN MCLAURIN A SOLEMN prayer gathering at St Matthew’s Church Page last month will serve as an expression of hope that healing will continue. Archbishop Christopher Prowse blessed a […]

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  5. May 8

    Reform group call for wider spread of leadership

    TWO meetings of Catholics in Canberra have appealed for reforms, calling for all Catholics, clergy and laity, to assume leadership in the Church. The Concerned Catholics of Canberra-Goulburn, the reform […]

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