Living Word

  1. November 13


    >> Readings   15 November 2018 Jesus called the devil the murderer, deceiver and accuser. Encouragement is the opposite of accusation. Paul writes to Philemon: “I am so delighted, and […]

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  2. November 5

    Go Low to Go High

    If humble self-emptying is good enough for the second person of the Trinity, it’s good enough for me and you. >> Read more

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  3. November 5

    Good Company

    >> Readings   8 November 2018 Luke 15 is a chapter of parables on God’s mercy.  Jesus is the gateway to God’s mercy because he saves and because he’s enjoyable […]

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  4. November 2

    Self Interest

    >> Readings   5 November 2018 Economists and sociologists claim that self-interest is unavoidable, necessary and can be used for the good of the community. The principle of self-defence demonstrates […]

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  5. November 2

    Feast of All Souls’ Day

    >> Readings   2 November 2018 Today is one of the days where we realise our distinctiveness as Catholics. We are different most obviously from the skepticism of our surrounding […]

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