Living Word

  1. January 11

    “Various Times and Ways”

    >> Readings   14 January 2019 God speaks to us “at various times and ways” (Hebrews 1). That is, God speaks in human language: “In order to reveal himself to […]

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  2. January 9

    Grave and Urgent

    >> Readings   10 January 2019 Jesus is among us as the “one who saves.” He is what his names indicate. Furthermore, it is “today,” this very day, that salvation […]

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  3. January 9

    Perfect Love Casts out all Fear

    Have you ever looked at your friends’ social media page and left with a feeling that perhaps your own life is not quite up to scratch? Today’s reading speaks to this reality and presents a vastly different possibility.
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  4. January 4

    “In the Flesh”

    >> Readings   7 January 2019 St. John writes with the discernment of a man of God. For some reason, a heresy called Gnosticism gained momentum in the early years. […]

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  5. January 3

    Holy Name

    “At the name of Jesus, every knee should bend and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Phil 2). >> Read more

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