A Polish Pilgrimage

– Damien Webb on the pilgrimage so far.

We began this journey on a land far away
We started as strangers, not knowing what to say.

The long flight over was a bit of a test
With this groups of pilgrams, we truly are blessed

Warsaw, the Phoenix, with such a unique history
A city once destroyed now seems so happy

The Polish Parthenon embraces us with arms opened wide
We put on our hard hate for a spiecal peek inside

We quickly learnt the beauty of this amazing place
Great friends we are becoming, a smile on every face

Sadly from Warsaw we had to make haste
All this Polish food is going straight to my waste

We visited Maximilian, the most amazing of men
He stood up what’s right, against the Lions Den

Czestachowa and the beautiful Madonna awaits
No longer are we strangers, now we are mates

The French singing was breathtaking, so magic so pure
The Black Madonna was magestic, a faith restoring cure

We headed to Auschwitz, a place so painful and raw
We heard horror stories of despair and such gore

We have given a gift of this journey together
God must be smiling, just look at the weather