Author: Gino Guanlao

  1. April 30

    Euthanasia in the ACT: Love does not kill love

    Dear Friends, As you are aware, the ACT Government is preparing legislation regarding the introduction of Euthanasia / Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in our community. We need to revisit why […]

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  2. April 4

    Celebration of faiths at Archbishop’s iftar dinner

      There are few better ways of breaking down barriers and holding out the hand of friendship than over a meal. In a joint initiative with Canberra’s Muslim community, Archbishop […]

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  3. April 4

    The faithful unite for Chrism Mass celebration

      The Chrism Mass is one of the Church’s most ancient and significant ceremonies that continues to attract many of the faithful to its annual celebration. St Christopher’s Cathedral in […]

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  4. March 18

    Cathedral Parish Golden Jubilee Mass: Homily

      50th Anniversary Jubilee of St Christopher’s Cathedral Friday 17 March 2023 Solemnity of St Patrick Homily: Fr Trenton van Reesch, Cathedral Administrator Two weeks ago I stood in this […]

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