Deanery Assembly: Mercy in Marriage and Family life



FRIDAY 12 (evening) & SATURDAY 13 August, 2016
St Clare’s College, 1 McMillan Crescent, Griffith, ACT

Friday 7pm:  A Night of Mercy:  This will be a prayerful opportunity to bring together those who may feel hurt, disenfranchised or even neglected by the church.  The liturgy is for anyone seeking healing, forgiveness and an experience of God’s merciful love.  If you know of people who might be seeking such an experience, please invite them.  You may attend the Friday night liturgy and/or the Saturday Assembly.

Saturday 9am: Keynote by Archbishop Christopher Prowse, panel discussions, individual parish gatherings for discussion and planning.

Why should you attend?
“This is a rare opportunity to share with our Archbishop, in an honest and frank discussion, the truth of family life today.”  Fr Richard Thompson, Dean of the Central Deanery.

Morning tea and lunch provided.  REGISTER HERE or 6163 4300.  RSVP  by 5 August