Come, Follow Me

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8 January 2018

Today’s scripture challenges us with a call to follow Christ. What is this Call about? Are you ready to answer it?

The Call is about purpose
The Gospel follows the arrest of John the Baptist. John was a man of action, so when his arrest meant the end of his active ministry, it could have meant the end of his purpose.

Throughout the Gospels, one thing is made apparent about John the Baptist; Jesus was at the center of all he did. John was tasked to prepare the way for the Lord. His purpose, his deepest identity, was of service to Christ. Jesus was profoundly aware of how John answered the Call from his Father and the relationship between Jesus’ ministry as the continuity of John’s ministry. We see this with Jesus’ preaching beginning precisely where John left off: “The kingdom of God has come near; repent and believe in the good news.”

What does this all mean? The Call to follow allows you to find and fulfil your true purpose, with Christ at its center.

The Call begins with an encounter
Christianity is about an encounter. The life and mission of the Church revolve around cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus. The invitation to Peter, Andrew, James, and John is an invitation to encounter Christ. “Follow me” means a journey of friendship and mission. Throughout this journey to know Christ and make Him known, know that you will always be supported through a relationship with Christ and communion with His Church.

The Call is personal
“Come.” Your response to this challenge might be: “how?” The ways of following Jesus are as varied as the people who are called. The first step is to encounter Christ, every day, and experience the work of grace in your life.

Meet Him in the Eucharist.
Hear Him through the scriptures.
Talk to Him through prayer.
See Him in the Church.
Serve Him through outreach.

Live the spiritual life, seeking Christ at every opportunity, and the Call will bring to life your true identity. The Gospel speaks of fishermen, but Jesus saw beyond this and saw greatness. His response, “I will make you fishers of men” was the call to greatness. Jesus took their identity and brought out its fullness in a way unique to them.

The Call of the unqualified
Finally, do you feel qualified to answer the Call? Imagine if the disciples understood ‘being qualified’ as we do today. Had they polished their resume? Had they prepared for an interview? No!

Jesus walked along the lake, met dozens of people and chose four. He didn’t seek out the most qualified, those who were identified as having the most potential for a mission to change the world; He called, they answered. God doesn’t call the equipped: He equips the called.

The call to “Come, Follow Me” is for you. Are you ready to answer it?

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