Enough is Enough

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18 January 2018

There is no Mass celebrated around the world that does not have a Psalm proclaimed after the first reading. The Psalm is accompanied by a response. Today’s response is:

In God I trust; I shall not fear.

Like me, I’m sure there are times when you find yourself bereft of language in which to speak and respond to God. I gather that the Psalm tries to address this predicament. The Psalms, because they cover every human emotion and feeling, do tend to help.

The emotion that is identified today is fear. And the suggestion is that if we trust in God, we shall not fear. Or at least my fear will be allayed. Or my fear will become tolerable and manageable.

Is this actually true? That is, if we do trust in God, then we shall not fear?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church might help here. Under the section, “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth,” we discover this insight:

Believing in God, the only One, and loving him with all our being has enormous consequences for our whole life.

Five consequences are listed – not exhaustive, no doubt. One of these consequences is – you guessed it – trusting in God in every circumstance.

Rather than try to explain this, which is nigh impossible, a prayer from St. Teresa of Jesus (1515-1582) is given. It is a gem and seems to have a certain rhythm. It puts flesh on our Psalm-Response this day:

Let nothing trouble you / Let nothing frighten you
Everything passes / God never changes
Patience / Obtains all
Whoever has God / Wants for nothing
God alone is enough.

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