Good Shepherd Sunday – Archbishop’s Letter


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Dear Friends,

I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is calling some young men in our Archdiocese to become priests in our Archdiocese.

Already we have five strong young men in the Lord in our seminaries training to be priests. There are about five others that I am aware of that are very seriously

thinking and praying to join them in coming years.

But I am sure there are many others who we do not know of at present who are thinking of a vocation to the priesthood.

All I want to say to those in the latter group: Be courageous! Be not afraid! Pray, join us!

I ask everyone in the Archdiocese to pray especially on this Good Shepherd Sunday for an increase of vocations to the Diocesan Priesthood for service in our Archdiocese. Thank you for your prayers.

I ask all priests and seminarians on this particular Good Shepherd Sunday to preach on this topic. Please share your vocation stories to deepen a real vocations culture throughout the entire Archdiocese on all levels. At the same time, I ask that a special collection be taken up in all Masses in the Archdiocese on Good Shepherd Sunday. This money will be used to help defray the very considerable costs associated in the academic training and seminary formation over many years in the preparation of our seminarians for priesthood. These will be, please God, our future priests in our parishes. Please give generously!

May Jesus, our High Priest, raise up a whole generation of new priests in our Archdiocese!

For this we pray together.
Archbishop Christopher Prowse
Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn

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