St Mary’s Parish

Wade Street
Crookwell NSW 2583
Postal Address: PO Box 15, Crookwell NSW, 2583
Phone: (02) 6239 9863

Bigga, Binda, Crookwell, Peelwood, Tuena

Administrator: Fr Joshy Kurien (based in Goulburn)
Assistant Priest: Fr Hilary Rotich
Pastoral Associate: Sr Rosemary Hart RSJ
Parish Officer: Kelly Sieverts (Tues-Fri 9am-3pm)
Sacraments: Christopher O’Mahony Mon-Tues 9am-3pm, Wed 1-4pm

Mass Centres:
St Mary’s, Wade St, Crookwell
Thursday 12pm
Sunday 9am

St Peter’s, Binda
Sun 10:30am (1st Sunday of the Month)

St Mary’s Primary School
Ph: (02) 4832 1592