Reign in Life

Feeling a little low today? A bit down about yourself?

Well, today’s readings suggest that God has a higher opinion of you than you do.

Today, in one of the most profound passages in the New Testament, Paul writes to the Christian community in Rome. He said that while death entered into the world and came to reign over everyone through the sin of one man (Adam), now, because of the free and abundant grace that comes to us in Jesus, WE are to reign in life.

Come again?

I was expecting Paul to write that as death reigned because of Adam, life reigns because of Jesus, but he didn’t. He says that WE reign.

Because of Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father who took on our frail humanity, and then in the great act of love, died for us, WE now reign in life. He embraced our brokenness and poverty completely so that we could share His Kingship. That’s what they call the sweet exchange. It’s amazing.

If that wasn’t enough to cheer you up, today’s gospel goes even further.

Luke recounts Jesus exhorting his disciples to ‘gird your loins and light your lamps’, to be in a state of watchful readiness for the Master’s return from a wedding feast. It’s what comes next that is really breathtaking: When the Master returns late in the night and finds his servants awake and waiting for him, he will put on waiter’s gear, sit them down at the table and proceed to wait on them!

Yes, the Master is coming and if you are awake and ready to meet Him, He will come and wait on you. Get your mind around that! In His great love, the Lord’s desire is to serve you.

Give praise and thanks to the Lord today. He is calling you to reign in life with Him and it is His great joy to serve you. You are much dearer to God than you think.