Today’s Psalm is one of the best known. It contains great treasures in its eight verses. One of them is the imagery in verses 5-6:

My soul is waiting on the Lord; I count on His Word. My soul is waiting for
the Lord more than watchmen for daybreak…

Undoubtedly one of life’s most significant challenges is patience; waiting. For the test results, for the interview, for the medication to work. Sometimes it seems that the experience of waiting is worse than the feared outcome. “If I knew that I haven’t passed I could move onto something else,” “If I knew how long I would be out of work, I could stretch my money and do something worthwhile in the meantime.”

Have you waited for dawn? Perhaps on an ANZAC Dawn Service. It’s cold, and the light never seems to arrive. Soldiers on the campaign are wakened in the dark to ‘Stand to’ before first light in case of attack before dawn. The sentries (watchmen) have been up all night, weary; waiting.

Lent is a period of waiting as we journey with the Lord on through Calvary to the Resurrection.

Let the watchmen count on the daybreak – and Israel on the Lord.

While we wait for things in this world, our deepest longing (whether we are always conscious of it or not) is for the Messiah, for His Resurrection and ultimately ours. It is coming as surely as the dawn. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!