Session 2

Walk in the spirit Session TWO

‘Come Follow Me’ – Knowing Jesus as Lord

Session overview:
Jesus personally calls each one of us to get to know him and become his friend and follower. But how well do we know him? Knowing Jesus as Lord opens the door to an authentic relationship with Jesus. Surrender of our lives to Jesus is a key spiritual step that can sometimes be completely overlooked. Deliberate reflection on this step can help unlock a more intimate experience of God.  It can sound daunting, perhaps due to our own poor experiences of human authority but it is an important step that we can make towards fullness of life and growth in our freedom in God.

Presenter: Judy Bowe MGL

Evenings Timetable:
7.30 Introduction and welcome – Archbishop Christopher
7.35 Worship song and prayer
7.45 Teaching on the evening’s theme – 25 minutes
8.10 Sharing/Testimony – 15 minutes
8.25 Discussion Groups – 30 minutes
8.55 Wrap up/Final Song
9.00 Close

Discussion questions:
What does “Jesus is Lord “ mean to you?
2. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus now?
3. If you were to surrender everything, what would you find most difficult to hand over to God? 
    What helps you trust God?

This weeks reflection
Over this week, imagine yourself in the place of the rich young man (Mark10:21), being invited to leave everything behind to follow Jesus. Whatever you are doing at different times, reflect on what in means to be surrendered completely to Jesus in this area of my life. Discuss with him completely honestly how you feel about the idea of surrender. write’ any unhealthy images of God you may have identified.