Want your ears tickled? (Or your life transformed?)

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9 May 2018

Paul gives a dramatic presentation, in the first reading, announcing to his contemporaries his own startling revelation of God.  He proclaims that God is so close to us that we live and move and exist in Him. A God who treats us as beloved children, who became a man among us and rose from the dead. His efforts received a mixed response.

Some just laughed it off, some were entertained and wanted their ears tickled again some other day, but some realised the personal implications of what he was saying and became believers.

When we place ourselves before the Word of God, and reflect on God’s love revealed there, we have similar choices:

  1. We could reject being loved perfectly and unconditionally as highly unlikely for someone like me, even laugh it off.
  2. Or we could find ourselves intrigued by the idea of divine love and want to think more about it as a helpful life-enhancing concept.
  3. Or we could realise that this is the complete truth and let it completely change the way we live.

How do we let the Word of God impact our lives as God would intend? Jesus tells us in the Gospel today that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the complete truth. Let’s not miss our opportunity today to be present to God and open to life-transforming grace.

Lord make our hearts hungry and open to the action of the Holy Spirit so that your truth transforms us.

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