Author: Kaye Martin

  1. January 22


    Language is important. Mark says Jesus “took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it” (Mark 6). >> Read more

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  2. January 21

    First, See the Person

    >> Readings   22 January 2019 I admit it, there is something in me that loves rules. You see, we have rules for a reason. There is a right way […]

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  3. January 21

    Living Word

    Want to stay connected to Christ and his Gospel every day? Sign up for FREE and enjoy each morning a short, simple but extremely powerful reflection, delivered straight to your inbox. >> Read more

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  4. January 21

    Calling for Catholic Voice Ambassadors

    We would like to invite people to volunteer as Catholic Voice Ambassadors to help promote the publication and the website. >> Read more

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  5. January 11

    “Various Times and Ways”

    >> Readings   14 January 2019 God speaks to us “at various times and ways” (Hebrews 1). That is, God speaks in human language: “In order to reveal himself to […]

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