1. April 5

    Order of Malta welcomes newest chaplain and knight

    Emil Bulum with Fr Joshua Scott at Corpus Christi In a centuries old tradition, Fr Joshua Scott and Emil Bulum were invested into the Sovereign Order of Malta during a […]

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  2. April 1

    ‘We’re neighbours’ Archbishop Prowse tells local Russian Orthodox community

      We’re neighbours, Archbishop Christopher Prowse has told Canberra’s Russian Orthodox community as it wrestles with different attitudes to the war in Ukraine.  The archpriest of Canberra’s Russian Orthodox church, […]

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  3. March 23

    2022 Rite of Election: ‘I realise now that I was lost’

    (From left) Penelope with her sponsor Becky Langworthy During the Rite of Election ceremonies on March 6, the Catholic Voice spoke with a number of this years participants who revealed […]

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  4. March 23

    Pope Francis: ‘The Faith Is Passed On In Dialect’

    “The faith is passed on in dialect, that is, in familiar speech, between grandparents and grandchildren, between parents and their children. “The faith is always handed on in dialect, in […]

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  5. March 21

    The World, The Flesh, The Devil

    Jesus ‘puts to bed’ silly superstitious notions. No. The collapse of the Tower of Siloam on eighteen people does not indicate guilt (Luke 13). Rather, unexpected and unexplained events indicate […]

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