1. October 18

    Assembly over: where to from here?

    A plenary council is a relatively unusual event, so it is not surprising that for many there is considerable curiosity about what happens now. Surely, after a week long ‘conference’ […]

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  2. October 15

    Plenary Reflections #5: Sally FitzGerald

    I was one of seven Aboriginal members and one of three Councillors from NATSICC. The Opening Mass in Perth was a particularly powerful expression of the place of First Nations […]

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  3. October 14

    A champion of Christian values

    Seminarians Joe Tran (left) and John Baptist Tran with Audrey Donnithorne at her home in Griffith in 1981.(Photo supplied by Fr Joe Tran) Audrey Donnithorne (1922–2020)   Audrey Donnithorne is […]

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  4. October 14

    Plenary Reflections #4: Brigid Cooney

    After a week of online sessions and live-streamed Masses, Archbishop Costelloe, the Council’s president, adjourned the Council’s first assembly and summoned its 278 members to gather again in July 2022 […]

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  5. October 9

    Plenary Council: Links Between Evangelisation And Culture

    Blessed John Paul II encouraged Australia’s first people in his landmark speech in Alice Springs in 1986 This is the text of a Plenary intervention by Archbishop Christopher Prowse on […]

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