The Busy Bees Concert

“So you’re not coming to Eric’s ‘Busy Bees’ concert?” the preschool teacher inquired, as I was about to flee.

“No”, I responded in a faltering voice. “I have to work”.

“Oh”, she replied disapprovingly.  “Have you told Eric?”

Let’s get some perspective here.  It’s not like his father and I are splitting up.  So I can’t come to his dance concert.  Paul and I had discussed it, but we both work and couldn’t get there.  Period.

Well, no.  I felt bad.  Laden with guilt.  I noticed parents hovering around, waiting for the concert to begin, and felt awful.  Bad Maman Felicity, that little voice chanted.

I got into my car.  Sitting in the drivers seat, I decided to phone work and tell them I’d be late – I had a Busy Bees concert to attend.  But damn, I’d left my mobile at home.  What now?

Make a decision Felicity – are you going or not?

So, dear readers, I got out of the car.  I walked – no, strode – into the preschool, to the director’s office, and I said, “Could I please use your phone to ring my work?  I feel so bad that I’m not going to Eric’s concert and the teacher asked me why not and it was awful, so I’ve decided to go but I don’t have my mobile phone to call work”.

So I went.  And guess what, I was chosen by the dance teacher to be the Queen Bee!  There’s got to be some kind of message in that.

Eric looked cute, but of course I had no camera or anything to capture the moment.  Not like all the other parents with their tripod stands and zoom lens, and I admit I didn’t have the courage to ask if someone might snap a picture of my boy.

But not to worry – I was the Queen Bee and they weren’t, so there.

And the concert?  It was okay, but long.  Tiringly long.  With four boys under five, I know a good chunk of my future years will be tied up with these seemingly unending performances.  And I know I won’t be able to attend them all.

Today I faltered.  I was shamed into going.  How weak I am.  So buck up Felicity, you’ll need more backbone in future.  So much of parenting is about saying No, so start practising now.

I am happy I went.  Eric was delighted; his Maman was there.  She won’t be there all the time, and it will never be smooth sailing but, as like today, she’ll do her clumsily best.