Crying happy tears

I’m a weepy grandma! My grandchildren have moved me to tears many times, but fortunately, they’ve been tears of joy and happiness. I shed a few while nursing my firstborn, week-old, grandson Craig 23 years ago as I watched his mother marry his father. That same grandson is now a wonderful young man who is polite, loving towards his fiancé and recently talked to me about all aspects of his life. It doesn’t come better than this!

I cried with joy at the wedding of his brother Kyle. My girls thought this was funny, hugging me and calling me quaint and sentimental. But they all understand family is important.

I’ve laughed, been teary and felt embarrassed all at the same time on one special occasion, when three of my grandchildren, from three different mums, were baptised together after a Sunday Mass. My family took up two rows in the church and the antics of so many young cousins together guaranteed that no one concentrated on the Eucharist! But it was a special moment and I’m sure Jesus was laughing heartily as he watched our special family gathering!

Four of my grandchildren, born to my Catholic daughter and her Muslim husband, are not baptised but I accept their philosophy that as the children grow older, they are free to choose their own path. Most of the children’s faith learning at the moment comes from both grandmas!

I am blessed that most of my grandchildren are baptised. While the sacrament isn’t as important to my four girls, I feel happier knowing that my grandchildren are linked to Christ; that they are filled with the grace and gift of light from God.

I’ve been emotional watching a few receive the Holy Body of Christ for the first time and also witnessing the gift of the Holy Spirit bestowed on them during their Confirmation. Happy tears are good!

Sadly, I cried when my 17 year old granddaughter’s best friend died over a year ago. This broke her heart and she’s been struggling ever since. But she knows she has a grandma who prays regularly that Jesus will finally bring some peace to her heart.