Editor’s Note

By Sharon Brewer

The junk mail bulging from my mailbox is a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner.  Not that I mind.  I love Christmas!  Except for one thing.  I always experience moments of melancholy as certain things come to an end as we wrap up another year.

Our youngest son reminds me he has just two weeks of school left, and that at least one of his schoolmates is leaving town.  Child number three is putting away her textbooks, ending another year of uni. Friends speak of how their Christmas will be different because of the absence of a loved one who passed away. At work, major projects start to wind down and staff members speak of plans for the summer break.  Regular routines start to unravel.

There will also be changes for this family magazine.  We farewell, and sincerely thank, Shawn, Shane and Christine, who have generously given of their time and talent in writing for My Family My Faith.

The Christmas/New Year break however, can be a great opportunity to allow ourselves to alter the frenetic pace that many of us are caught up in. It can be a chance to catch our breath and to spend time with loved ones.  It can be a chance to take stock of our lives, to gently close the door on the year that has passed, and look forward to the year ahead.

So, turn off your mobile phone, close the lid on the laptop, ignore the “to do” list of chores and take a cold drink, a good book (this magazine!) or a good friend and sit on your back deck and soak in the summer.

Wishing you peace and joy,