Editors Note – Issue 1 2014

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a mother.  That’s the secret life I can’t talk about so much now, now that I’m back at work, in an office you see.

Have you experienced it, after returning to work following the birth of a child, the sense that your family life needs to be checked at the door as you put on professional garb and employ work speak?

At some level, it’s understandable.  But it does feel strange, because while I’m physically here, and doing my best to look as smart as I can given so few of my clothes fit me, I still feel so much like a new Mum, and in a completely foreign environment.

Since Master Etienne was born on November 18, my life has been fixed on him – the constant feeds, numerous nurse visits because he wasn’t gaining weight, the challenge of finding time for his three older brothers and the general bouncing around on the bumpy family road, while I do my best to rest and recover.

I am lucky to enjoy my part-time work and to be in an office where you can share family photos.

But still, it’s different.  As I punch away at my computer, or sit through a meeting, my thoughts detour to the little man I will delight in when I arrive home, and the comfy clothes I will change into!

I’ll return to my secret life.  With four boys under five, it’s full and messy – like yours I’m sure.  I snap – often, and sometimes feel like I’m spiralling out of control.  Then I remember – God has given me my children.  God has made me a mother.

He knows my secret, and sees it all.  He understands.  What a comfort.

Felicity de Fombelle