The smell of fish

I recall some years ago accepting the invitation of a kind family to join them for their evening meal.

When I arrived and rang the bell both the husband and wife opened the door to greet me.  The children came along as well.Before I even entered the house I knew what we were about to eat!  I said them “we’re having fish tonight”.  They said “how did you know?”  Because I knew them very well I was able to say “because you all smell of fish!”

We all laughed.

When people meet us as a Catholic family there should be something different about us.  It may not be fish or “the smell of sheep” (a favourite expression of Pope Francis) but there should be some Gospel “radiance” about our family life.

Perhaps it is the way that we bring Jesus into the centre of our family?  Perhaps it is the way that we pray as a family and take time to communicate together in a respectful manner?  Perhaps it is that the house has religious objects visually present around the house?

But whatever way it is, we should try (and try very hard) to make our family life a place where Jesus is at the centre.  It is not that we ask Jesus to be simply our constant visitor at home, rather it is where Jesus lives in our home as our Heavenly Father and Lord of the house always.

Let’s see how we can take these thoughts and practically implement them in our family life over the next period of time.