My Family, My Faith

‘My Family, My Faith’ is set up to communicate with, and support, families sending their children to Catholic schools.

  1. A strong family makes a strong Senator

    We can praise the many significant contributions made by Senator Brian Harradine, who died yesterday, but what we should celebrate most is his contribution as a devoted family man. He and […]

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  2. Who educates your children?

    Imagine the police turning up at your home and taking away your children because you choose to home school your kids instead of sending them to the local school? Sounds […]

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  3. The Busy Bees Concert

    “So you’re not coming to Eric’s ‘Busy Bees’ concert?” the preschool teacher inquired, as I was about to flee. “No”, I responded in a faltering voice. “I have to work”. “Oh”, […]

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  4. My Mum Mentor

    I think I’ve found a Mum mentor, and I’m somewhat in awe of her – a wise and calm Mum of 12. Yes, one dozen children! (Two of them are […]

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  5. A terrible choice

    A few thoughts on the heart-wrenching sacrifice made in this article about Elizabeth Joice by Kate Briquelet of the New York Post. How must it feel, to cradle your newborn daughter […]

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